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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Birds of Paradise Lost

Birds of Paradise Lost
Oil on Canvas 48"x 60"

Apicture should  say a thousand words, but in case it doesn't for you, maybe this poem will.

The Birds of Paradise Lost

In paradise on a warm summer day
The birds are left in utter dismay.
The eagle falls to his untimely death
While the wild rooster steals his nest.
The splendid phoenix cannot rise
Thru the glass ceiling built of lies.
The owl hides his knowledge in the tree's hollowed rot
And the nervous flamingo ties her neck in a knot.
The majestic crane lies dead on the ground
As the anxiety among the birds abounds.
Still, the feathered serpent loses his prized duality 
While those hideous vultures wait patiently.
The colorful songbirds sing the blues
As the angry crow squawks and spews
His utter contempt for a peacock that scoffs
And laughs at paradise lost.