Friday, August 16, 2019

The Fall

The Fall. 24" x 48". Chalk pastel on repurposed masonite.
The transience of both autumn and 'white male privilege' is expressed in the image and chosen medium in this artwork.

Rising. 8" circle. Rocks and stone in concrete with gold leaf.
Just a little something in more lasting media about female empowerment to follow The Fall.

Rise. This piece was created during the corona virus pandemic.  Chalk pastel and charcoal from trees burned in western wild fires on a recycled door. 

For my sisters everywhere, and for my brothers who knowingly embrace their feminine nature.  This is a tribute to your spectacular rise from a personal hell (something we all share) to dark clouds, knowing you will see the light. The figure is a composite of many people who have passed though my life, some still here, some not. She brings a mask with her, just in case.  There are symbols throughout the whole piece. Many symbols are personal and it is my intention to burn a 'photographic effigy' along with one of The Fall to purge my own demons.  I'm too lazy to burn the originals and they may be toxic as well.

Ritual Burn
February 23, 2021 10:40 AM
Strangely Satisfying.  I think being a 'recovering Catholic' has a lot to do with it.  Ritual is an integral part of that religion.